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Sig2Dat For Idiots
The In-Depth Guide to the Tool for Better Filesharing on FastTrack

Page 1 : You're Here! : What is Sig2Dat? - How does Sig2Dat work? -Why use Sig2Dat? Quick Start : Skip the in-depth stuff and get started.
Page 2 : Where to get Sig2Dat - How to install it- Requirements/Compatibility F.A.Q. : Frequently Asked Questions about Sig2Dat, Quicklinks, hashes.
Page 3 : How to use a Quick Link - How to spot a Quick Link
Links : Useful sites for FastTrack filesharing
Page 4 : How to make a Quick Link - How to post a Quick Link in the FastTrack Central forum Opera : Tip for Opera-users about Sig2Dat

What is Sig2Dat?
Sig2Dat is a small program by Indy/VLAIBB to help users of the FastTrack filesharing network (accessed through programs like KaZaA, Grokster & iMesh).

With it, you can create "Quick Links" & "hash sigs" to files you have. When someone else who has Sig2Dat uses the link or hash, they can start their filesharing program and the file will appear automatically in their download window!

Now you can make links to your movies, songs etc and send them by e-mail or post them in forums, and people can get the file thru Kazaa, Grokster or iMesh just by clicking on them.

And of course, with it you can use a Sig2Dat "Quick Link" or "hash sig" and get a file yourself. There are now various web sites with pages of links to movies, games, TV programs and more shared on the FastTrack network. is an example of sites with Sig2Dat links to files on FastTrack.
Why use Sig2Dat?
How do you get a file now on Kazaa/Grokster/iMesh?
You have to open the search window, select a category to search in, type in some terms for it to look for, start the search, sift through about a hundred results, wondering about different versions of the same file, and then pick one you hope is right.

Sometimes the file you pick won't work, or some moron has given it the wrong name so you end up with something completely different. Maybe it won't even show up in the search window, because of traffic on the network, and you have to keep repeating your search until you finally find it.

But with Sig2Dat, when you find a hash or Quick Link and use it, that's it! No searching, no sifting and you get that exact file and only that file.

And now if you want to share a specific file, you can make a Quick Link for it and e-mail it to friends or post it in a forum.
How does Sig2Dat work?
The FastTrack programs identify each file by an individual 'hash signature', basically a unique ID number for every file. When you find something you want by a search and click to download it, FastTrack creates a small .DAT file (called a Start File) in your shared folder with this hash, so that it can recognise it, resume it, find many sources for it etc.

The guys at Museekster & VLAIBB analysed these Start Files, and came up with a way of creating them without having to go through the searching and downloading first.

The earlier versions of Sig2Dat printed out a 3-line text hash signature that you could copy & paste into Sig2Dat to create the start file that would appear automatically in your download window.

The latest version of Sig2Dat can still do that, but now it can also make Quick Links based on this hash, and when using your web browser, you can just click on the link, start up your program and the file's there in your download window.

Your filesharing program should then start to look for sources and begin downloading it.
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Page 2: Where to get Sig2Dat - How to install it - Requirements & Compatibility
Credit for the info on this site goes to Indiana Jones, JohnDoe345 and all those who've contributed at the FastTrack Central forum.
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